• Mini Motor Racing Evo is an arcade style racing game featuring tons of cars, tons of tracks and tons of bite-sized racing events. There is a lot of content here, but we dive in to find out if any of it is any good.

  • Snuggle Truck is a game about driving animals to the zoo that does everything it can to be as cute as the name implies. You will be driving a purple truck over rocky hills and through tight caverns while trying not to lose any of your animals. Still interested? Hit the jump!

  • Nitronic Rush is now available through Desura for free! Nitronic Rush was developed by students at DigiPen and looks to combine features from all sorts of crazy racing games to make one really crazy racing games. I am being reminded of Wipeout, Split/Second and even some Mario Kart all at the same time. Not to mention, you can't beat free! Check out the trailer and jump for more info.

  • Desura has recently added Speed Dreams to it's library. This game is available for both Windows and Linux and is completely free! It looks like a pretty typical racing game, though the description says it's incredible realistic and we definitely can't argue with the price tag so check out the trailer above and hit the jump for more info.

  • dustforce lets dust

    Been playing a lot of Dustforce lately and really enjoying it. I was already enjoying it when I wrote the Dustforce Review, but the game only gives you more and more satisfaction with practice. Since I'm improving my skills, I decided to share a handful of gameplay videos with you all, but of course (for ego reasons) I had to achieve SS rankings before I could do so. Hit the jump for a handful of decent to pretty good Dustforce videos.

  • Dustforce caught my eye because of its smooth visual design and it's trailer of fast paced platforming in which you must also "clean up" the area you are platforming through. What I got was even more intense than I expected.

  • Genre: Racing / Platform: PC / Price: $9.99

    Nimbus features a lot of ideas you've seen before, but presented in a way that is very unique only to Nimbus. Your goal is quite simple, just find your way to the exit goal of each level. The cool part about Nimbus is how you get there though. It's basically what I would call "falling with style" where all you do is rotate your ship and use your momentum to avoid obstacles, grab keys, trigger switches and whatever else you may need to do to work your way to the exit.

    The 5 Cents

    • Simple gameplay makes it easy to pick up
    • Tons of levels of varying difficulties
    • Leaderboards for level completion time
    • Collectables to unlock new ships and trails
    • Creative level design challenges you to explore and find hidden items and paths
  • Genre: Racing / Developer: Codemasters / Price: $9.99 (on Steam)

    When it comes to racing there are certain needs that must be met for a game. I look for racing games to be realistic, have awesome cars, good track variety, event variety and be challenging, but not really require me to be a professional to be able to win and feel good about it. Lots of racing games fail in building AI by making the AI "rubber band" as they call it (where the AI gets boosted to catch up to you if you're winning by too much). Honestly now, DiRT is a few years old, but it hits all the points I love; plus, it's rally racing! Which is of course the most fun type of racing there is.

    The 5 Cents:

    • Large variety of events from typical rally time trials to semi-truck hill climbs.
    • Environments still look incredibly realistic (aside from maybe the crowd in spots).
    • Driving physics feel spot on through all different types of terrain.
    • All your classic rally cars are here including the infamous Evo and STI, but there are also big rigs, coupe's, buggies and more.
    • Even the menu's look incredible!