• Yesterday was my first day spent with Really Big Sky and I felt that I simply had to post a video of it. There is all kinds of unexplainable, crazy stuff that happens in this game. There are big explosions, various powerups, a crazy area with dinosaurs, lots of flashing colors, and a whole lot more. Describing this game really doesn't do it justice, so that's where the video comes in. Watch it! Then leave your comments after the jump.

  • I tried to get this out over the weekend, but had some problems getting the video put together. I was still having issues with part of it, then realized I had about four times too much footage anyways so this is what ended up getting put together. So kick back and enjoy some Octopede gameplay footage! Hit the jump if you want to know more about it, otherwise just watch and look for the review coming soon.

  • Spent a decent amount of time yesterday learning Break Blocks and found I was getting quite into it. I usually enjoy rhythm focused games, but I definitely don't love them all. Break Blocks does a great job of bringing back a Parappa The Rapper style music battle with break dancing and lots of zaney characters. Check out the video above and hit the jump if you wanna learn about what you're seeing.

  • dustforce lets dust

    Been playing a lot of Dustforce lately and really enjoying it. I was already enjoying it when I wrote the Dustforce Review, but the game only gives you more and more satisfaction with practice. Since I'm improving my skills, I decided to share a handful of gameplay videos with you all, but of course (for ego reasons) I had to achieve SS rankings before I could do so. Hit the jump for a handful of decent to pretty good Dustforce videos.

  • Nowhere near a perfect run, but was still worthy of an SS rank so figure I'd post this up and share with everyone what some Dustforce looks like! If you missed it, be sure to read our Dustforce Review!

  • Genre: Real Time Strategy / Platform: PC, Mac / Price: $9.99

    Swords and Soliders is a real time strategy game, but unlike most games in its genre it presents itself in a cartoony 2D fashion that makes it feel less serious and less intimidating than games like Starcraft or Civilization. Now, don't think that I'm saying this game is exactly direct competition with those because it definitely doesn't offer that level of depth. However, Swords and Soldiers doesn't attempt to and what it does attempt to do it pulls off quite well.

    The 5 Cents

    • Pleasing cartoon style graphics
    • Simple to learn gameplay, but still a decent depth of strategy involved
    • 3 different campaigns to play through
    • Different soldier types in each campaign force you to re-strategize for each
    • Multiplayer allows you to take the game further than just the campaigns
  • Genre: Racing / Platform: PC / Price: $9.99

    Nimbus features a lot of ideas you've seen before, but presented in a way that is very unique only to Nimbus. Your goal is quite simple, just find your way to the exit goal of each level. The cool part about Nimbus is how you get there though. It's basically what I would call "falling with style" where all you do is rotate your ship and use your momentum to avoid obstacles, grab keys, trigger switches and whatever else you may need to do to work your way to the exit.

    The 5 Cents

    • Simple gameplay makes it easy to pick up
    • Tons of levels of varying difficulties
    • Leaderboards for level completion time
    • Collectables to unlock new ships and trails
    • Creative level design challenges you to explore and find hidden items and paths
  • Genre: Strategy / Platform: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone / Price $4.99

    Flight Control has been around for quiet awhile now getting it's start on the iPhone and then migrating into the HD world on the iPad and now available through Steam. If you haven't gotten yourself acquainted with the game yet, this is a great opportunity to do just that! If you have, you're probably just wondering if this iteration is worth your time or not. Well, why waste any more time wondering? Read on!

    The 5 Cents

    • All the basic Flight Control awesomeness in beautiful high definition
    • Lots of different maps to land planes on
    • Stats and leaderboards to track all your flight landing
    • Retro style music and air hostess gives game a unique and proper feel
    • Extremely addictive and replayable
  • Genre: Puzzle / Price: $9.99 / Platform: PC, Mac

    Osmos is a game with a simple goal, "become the biggest" which is done so by simply consuming things smaller than you. I really want to like Osmos, it's a beautiful looking game, but I just can't get fully behind it.

    The 5 Cents

    • Easy to learn gameplay
    • Good UI makes it easy to tell what can and can't be consumed
    • Gorgeous graphics
    • Levels seem semi-random which makes it decently replayable
    • Good atmospheric sound design
  • Genre: Shooter / Price: $9.99 / Platform: PC, PSN

    Burn Zombie Burn is a twin-stick shooter at heart (though it doesn't control like one), but also capitalizing on the incredibly popular zombie craze of late. So the gist of the game is to drop you in various areas where you run around destroying as many zombies as possible with various weapons ranging from baseball bats, to chainsaws, to shotguns to gatling guns. You're job is simply to survive as long as possible against an increasing population of zombies while destroying them however you best see fit. Sounds incredible right? It's actually quite fun, but not without a few flaws.

    The 5 Cents

    • Addictive high score focused gameplay
    • A proper zombie destroying arsenal of weaponry
    • Simple to learn, hard to master
    • A great balance of risk vs reward
    • Enough variety between levels to require a change of tactics
  • Genre: Music, Puzzle / Price: $9.99 (PC, Mac), $1.99 (iPhone, iPad), $6 (WiiWare) / Platform: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, WiiWare

    BIT.TRIP Beat is the first in a series of 6 games, but has just been re-released for the PC via Steam. Though this isn't the newest one being as 5 of them are currently out, with only one release remaining in the saga, but this was my first time getting to play any of them and it made quite an impression on me.

    The 5 Cents

    • Retro style pong gameplay, but with a musical twist
    • Retro style graphics, that range from as simple as it gets to the flashiest HD pixels I've ever seen
    • Challenging, but learnable gameplay in a bullet-hell fashion
    • Tons of personality for what looks like pong on the surface
    • Creative use of pixels and patterns
  • Genre: Puzzle / Platform: PC / Price: $9.99

    I don't think I could honestly say I was ever any good at math. My brain doesn't take to it and I'd have to agree with him. So when Luke and I decided to swap games for review, he took Delve Deeper and I decided to fry my brain with SquareLogic. It wasn't the worst choice I've ever made.

    The 5 Cents

    • Upwards to 20,000 puzzles with different notation and variety
    • Challenging at every level
    • Practice each set of rules before tackling the Challenge Puzzle
    • Not all about the numbers: Plenty of variety including hidden cages, sequences, double puzzle boards
    • Solutions displays, to help along novice puzzlers and stumped veterans
  • Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle/ Platform: PC, Mac / Price: $9.99

    Mythology in games is a free story. So what do you do when you already have a good base to build your game around? You make one seriously solid platformer. NyxQuest takes you on the journey through ancient times and with a little help from the Gods, you may be reunited with your friend, Icarus, once more.

    The 5 Cents

    • Playing as Nyx, you unlock the power of the Gods to aid you on your quest
    • 12 visually stunning and challenging levels to tackle
    • A score that will send your ears on an adventure of their own
    • Collect hidden relics throughout each level for an extra challenge
    • 20 Steam achievement including time trials against the developers
  • Genre: 2D Platformer, Horror / Developer: Zaratustra Productions/ Price: $4.99 (on Steam)

    Don't trust this games sweet looking, colorful exterior. The deeper you go, the creepier and more horrific it gets. This is frustrating 2D platforming at its best and believe you me, a game that gives you infinite lives knows exactly what its doing.

    The 5 Cents

    • 8 unique and interesting levels to explore
    • Dimension shifting changes how you play each level
    • Creepy retro style gameplay
    • Short and sweet, good for the casual gamer
    • An 8-bit "spooktacular" soundtrack.
  • Genre: Musical Puzzler / Platform: PC, XBLA / Price: $4.99

    An impulse buy. I knew nothing about Chime besides the fact that is was new to PC and was $4.99. Since we try to bring out the best and brightest under $10 it seemed like the right thing to do and after playing through and reading up, it was.

    The 5 Cents

    • Place shapes on Chime's grid to create quads, coverage, and tones
    • Placing shapes creates quads. The bigger the quad the more you score. More quads = Multipliers
    • Play 3,6, or 9 minute games or zone out in free mode
    • Create beautiful music with the help of Chime's talented musical artists
    • 5% of all proceeds go to One Big Game (Childrens Charities)