avatar trials ninja uprising screenshot

Some students in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program at the University of Utah are fans of Mirror’s Edge, so they put together their own parkour game as part of their studies called Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising. The game gives you three different obstacle courses in which you must run and jump off of walls and platforms to get to the end.

Because this is a student game, it obviously does not have the level of polish you see in games like Prince of Persia or Darksiders 2. The camera is mostly manual, and the animations don’t flow properly, making the physics feel ambiguous and confusing. As a result, the mechanics require some practice, which is probably why they snuck “trials” in the title. Still, over time you can learn how to exploit the physics and level design to get quicker completion times.

If you like these sorts of games, you can support the developers’ future careers for only 80 Microsoft Points.