voxel runner screenshot

In case you aren’t familiar with the genre, let me explain how Voxel Runner works. You are in control of the ninja and he will automatically be running from left to right all the time. Obstacles will constantly be in your way and you will need to deal with them appropriately. At first this simply means jumping over spikes and across blocks that span gaps, but it soon turns into sliding, blocking, long jumping and most importantly, learning when you should just do nothing. With all of these actions your fingers will be dancing around in the later stages while stringing together these moves in every different combination.

The stages in Voxel Runner flow together seemlessly. When first learning a new move the game will pause to tell you what to do, then it’s back to running. There isn’t a lot of menu navigating or game over screens, which is a good thing. The downside is that the only thing that really ever changes is the background gradient. I am a believer that how a game plays should stand for more than how a game looks, but I would appreciate more than just some basic shaders on everything.

voxel runner screenshot

Probably the most noteable comparison for this game would be against Bit.Trip Runner. I think that game brought this genre “mainstream” for a lot of people (mainly because it was one of the first on Steam) and Bit.Trip Runner did a lot of things really well. The best of which was the music and tempo of the game. In Bit.Trip Runner, all of the actions you had to perform felt like they were in time to the music and often even added to the music. This is a big part of all the Bit.Trip Saga games, but missing from Voxel Runner.

There is some electronic music that isn’t bad, but the moves in the game itself have no rhythm to them. The music only makes it more confusing because it constantly loops so even if it lined up to start, after a few deaths you may be on a completely different beat than it. The rhythm is important in a game like this because when you do it right, it looks and feels really awesome, but instead my fingers felt like they were stumbling the whole time to chain moves properly.

Ultimately, Voxel Runner is not a terrible game and mostly needs refinement in the way the stages are laid out. If you are in love with infinite runner games this would provide a cheap fix for you, but there are also plenty of others out there that offer the same or a greater experience.