Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe screenshot

Super Puzzle Platformer combines two very familiar genres that just feel like they were never meant to combined; puzzle gaming and platforming. It’s for this very reason that SPP forces you to think outside of the box and challenges you in every possible way.

Let me start by explaining what is going on. When you look at this game you can see most of the puzzle aspects. Blocks will fall from the top of the screen and stack on top of each other at the bottom. You have no control over how they fall, but the more you get touching each other the more points you’ll be able to score. In order to clear blocks you simply have to destroy them. However, the more blocks you're trying to clear at once the longer it is going to take and be sure to pay attention not to remove the ones you're standing on.

This is where SPP begins to offer some variety so you can best determine your own play style. There are nine unlockable characters and six different stages to play on. Of course, they won’t be easy to unlock, but as you get better it will happen naturally. Each player has a different attack style and some sort of unique ability. For example, one guy can double jump but has a pretty average strength attack where another can barely jump but has a double max damage attack. It’s all about preference.

Each stage presents a different challenge in blocks outside of the regular blocks. That’s right, each stage not only drops regular colored blocks but also a unique array of very dangerous traps. These range between all sorts of things like saws, turrets, dynamite, icicles, ghosts, etc. There are tons of ways to die in Super Puzzle Platformer!

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe screenshot

Your goal is the same in each stage though: collect diamonds and score lots of points! As you destroy blocks they will break into pieces to be collected. Collecting them levels you up, but that will quickly be taken away from you anytime you get in the way of a falling block. This also makes it important to always have a safety net of a level or two in case you do get trapped under a falling block. Enemies are still instant death no matter what level you are, but the other perk to leveling is that you become much stronger and can then destroy blocks faster.

I don’t love everything about Super Puzzle Platformer though. For one, the controller support is not great. I had a similar problem in Super House of Dead Ninjas but it seems more apparent here with the touchiness of joystick input. Although you can map the controls however you want, they feel way too touchy for a game where death is constantly looming over you. Native Xbox 360 controller support should be a no brainer now days.

There are also no friends leaderboards. Again, another complaint carried over from SHODN. Adult Swim has proved to us they can make addictive, fun arcade games at a pretty good level of polish, but they’re missing out on these basic features. When I get that ever so rare incredible run I want to be able to show it off to my friends and I also want to see their scores to give me purpose to keep playing.

I really enjoy playing Super Puzzle Platformer and feel it deserves a place amongst any gamers arcade collection. It offers hours of replayability and a never ending challenge. If Adult Swim patches some of these easily fixable issues they’ll have themselves a nearly perfect arcade hit.