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Here at 10 Dollar Gaming we are committed to bringing you news about games that we think deserve your attention. We have always had a passion for indie games and trying to cover those games that mainstream sites often have missed. It just so happens at a time during Steam's rise as an indie marketplace and the height of Xbox Live Arcade, these games were often priced at $10.

We have to be up front and admit that limiting ourselves to a literal price tag of $10 is ignoring a lot of great indie titles that are still huge discounts compared to big budget games. Let’s compare for example the recent Don’t Starve at $15 compared to Bioshock: Infinite at $60. Even though Don't Starve is above $10 it’s still a mere 25% of a $60 title. Even if we go as far as a game like Torchlight II at $20, this is a minimal amount to spend vs the typical big budget game.

Steam still lists a lot of games at $10 and Good Old Games' are often even cheaper so I don’t doubt that we will still be playing many $10 games. But there are great games out there just beyond the $10 price point that we are already playing and want to be talking about so we are now going to include those games within the 10 Dollar Gaming space.

Basically, it’s just more great content for you and we aren't going to quite bargain hunting and reporting deals anytime soon. So, let’s just get back to gaming now shall we?