Puppy Games has proven that they know how to make simple, but really fun games. It's also cool that they are all set in the same world so you get to experience more of it than one game alone could show you. What is most important though, is that Ultratron is a really fun game to play!

ultratron screenshot

Ultratron takes that twin-stick shooter arcade feel and puts you against wave after endless wave until you can't handle it any more. Between each wave, you're given the opportunity to spend cash that you've earned to level up yourself or buy some bots to help you out. Every now and then, a bonus stage and a boss stage come into the mix for extra challenge.

There are tons of upgrades to buy and exploring how they each help you is part of the fun in playing Ultratron. There are way too many to be able to purchase in one play through (or you are far better than I am at this game) so you'll have to do some strategizing in what you purchase. You'll also need to buy shields (health) whenever you take damage; so that will directly affect how many upgrades you get to purchase.

The core gameplay here is just like all other twin-stick shooters; fire with the right stick and move with the left. Through the upgrades is how you can customize the game to your play style. If you're the type who likes to beef up your character and mow down enemies (like me) then you can spend your money on upgrading your droid, grenades and shields. If you prefer to just move around and let some bots do the work for you, then you can unlock a few different bots and upgrade them instead. It was really fun trying out these different styles and seeing how it alters the game.

ultratron screenshot

Ultratron is the very definition of an easy to learn, hard to master arcade game. It also has great style, tight controls and well balanced level progression. If you like twin-stick shooters, you will definitely find a good value in Ultratron and also some stiff competition. I am looking forward to giving this several more plays and competing to try to stay towards the top of the leaderboards.