Gatling Gears

gatling gears screenshot

Gatling Gears is a twin-stick, bullet hell shooter, but not nearly as frantic as something like Geometry Wars. It is set up so that you are progressing through levels and there are various enemies that release at different spots. These range from foot soldiers to tanks and planes and each shoot slightly different projectiles and move at different speeds.

Everything in Gatling Gears moves at a moderately slow pace, which adds an interesting effect. You can't react in a twitchy manner, because you just don't move fast enough. You need to plan your movements more so that you don't back yourself into a corner of missiles that you can't avoid.

There seems to be quite a bit of content in Gatling Gears. The levels are a good length and there are tons of them. It also offers coop modes and an alternate survival mode that has various maps. It's not a revolutionary game to the genre, but it's a worthy installment for any one who enjoys twin-stick shooters and is looking for a cheap fix.


syberia screenshot

Syberia is a classic point and click style adventure game. It starts off with you arriving at this hotel and checking in. Everything seems well enough, you're just there to finish a sales deal to buy a toy factory. Soon though, you find out things are not quite so straightforward. Then even more details arise and things really take a turn for the worse...

The gameplay in Syberia is all typical adventure gaming. You point and click to walk, examine objects and solve puzzles. The puzzles though seem to often revolve around these little automotrons that are everywhere. The factory in this town used to build them, so now they are all over. They add a cool steampunk style vibe to this town that seems like it's old and abandoned.

Syberia feels a bit dated, but the graphics are not unbearable and the voice work is pretty good. If you're a fan of adventure gaming I think you will enjoy playing Syberia. As an added bonus, there is a sequel that is also on sale you can get!

Hopefully one (or maybe both) of these games can cure your Sunday boredom. Tell us in the comments what you chose to play!