10000000 screenshot

This is actually one of the most interesting puzzle RPG's I have ever played. It reminds me a lot of the pacing that Sequence had in that 10m presents a good challenge that can only be overcome through leveling up. In each run, things get progressively more difficult until you ultimately fail. Then you go and buy some upgrades, start to make a little more progress in your runs and just as enemies start to feel weak, you'll reach the next goal and everything will ramp up in difficulty again.

Leveling up is two-fold in 10m. You'll have to unlock shops just to be able to purchase upgrades, then you'll also have to level those shops up to be able to purchase the better upgrades. Upgrades affect all your base stats for shields, sword attacks, magic attacks and general defense. You'll also be able to unlock various perks like upgrade discounts.

The bulk of your time will be spent in the dungeons though. Each time you enter a dungeon your character will begin running from left to right and you can begin matching tiles. Your character stops whenever he runs into an obstacle (chests, locked doors, enemies) until you take care of it, but time keeps moving. If you take to long, you lose.

10000000 screenshot

Depending on the obstacle, you'll want to focus on matching different tiles. For example, when you reach an enemy you'll want to be attacking and defending, but at a chest or door you need to match keys to open it. You'll also store items from chests and can use them to help you out in a pinch. All the wood and stone tiles can be matched to be gathered and then later spent to upgrade the shops.

The pacing in 10m is very fast. You will likely die a lot towards the beginning until you get a good feel for all the tiles and how to balance gathering resources while focusing on the task at hand. However, you will probably also get very addicted. Like most match puzzle games, the never ending want to match is really what gets you addicted. The fact that you're able to level up and watch your character progress is a great bonus to keep you wanting more.

10m isn't the best looking game around, but it does a great job of presenting addictive gameplay with an overarching goal. Unfortunately, once you've reached that goal there isn't anything left to do. But for the low price tag, it's pretty hard to beat the value that 10m brings to the table.