Genre: Adventure / Platform: PC, Mac / Price: $19.99 updated (2.1.12): This game has dropped in price and is no longer technically a "breaking the bank" game, it can now be bought for $9.99! However, the article was written at a point in time where the game costs twice that and will stay as originally written

machinarium screenshot

Machinarium is a point and click adventure, a genre that is pretty much solely kept alive by Telltale and various indie developers. Machinarium is no exception, though it is an exceptionally fantastic game. As you play through Machinarium you'll notice that like a proper well-crafted machine the creators gave their all in every aspect of the game. The art is top notch, the audio is top notch, the story is touching, the environments and puzzles are original and clever and the characters throughout the game are unique and interesting. There is no downside to this game.