Just looking at The Lost Spirits of Kael is enough to grab my attention and make me want to play this, but it sounds like there is shaping up to be a really unique adventure behind all this gorgeous art. You take on the role of a young painter who is searching for inspiration and finds himself in the Forest of Kael. There, you meet a mysterious harpist whom covers the woods with a mist as she plays. The challenge then becomes finding your way out of the woods alive.

Not a lot of games now days get the sort of uniqueness that The Lost Spirits of Kael is bringing to the table. It reminds me a lot of indie games like Limbo and Braid, but also with a mix of Ico in there. The developer was quick to point to games like Shadow of the Colossus and the lost woods of Zelda III for comparison. I also have to point out the music. The heavy use of harp and piano really give the Forest of Kael a mysterious and eerie feel.

You can also help fund this game by purchasing a copy of the official sound track. Like many indie studios, Rablo Games is a one man team at this time and could use your help to make a more polished product. And to reiterate, the music is fantastic anyways, so why not pitch in a couple bucks?

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this as soon as it is playable and hoping that it plays as well as it looks.

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