painkiller recurring evil screenshot

Let me start with what I expected. I wanted an arcade feeling, corridor shooter with lots of enemies and mindless shooting. I didn't want to have to cover or do a lot of thinking, just something to run through and have fun unloading clips.

What I got was mindlessness to the point of boredom. In painkiller you walk from tiny sealed off room to tiny sealed off room and fight hundreds of similar looking enemies while just running in circles holding the fire button down. I got tired of pressing to fire so bad that I literally went to holding it down and just letting it auto fire.

In the amount that I could tolerate to play I only saw 3 weapons. The first was a melee saw blade, the second a shotgun and then some sort of nail gun. The nail gun was so slow, although it did one hit kills, it was virtually unusable. The shotgun was the only real firearm, but ammo always ran out and it just wasn't exciting to use.

Not to mention arena's of waves of enemies when your options of how to kill them are virtually none is just boring. They appear out of magic portals and the worst sounding metal guitar noises start playing. It's just a whole bunch of things I don't like happening at the same time.

If there is anything hidden in this game later that is of higher quality, I wish they had put it at the beginning because I cringe at the thought of having to play any more of this game.

painkiller recurring evil screenshot


My Idea of this Game. I like what I thought this was going to be when I bought it.

Graphics. The graphics were ok. They would pass for the arcade shooter I wanted.


Gameplay. I don't think any of it works to have fun. It's mindless to the point of just being boring.

Weapons. The weapons are overly standard and there aren't even transition animations.

Enemies. There was very little variation in the enemies and it was clear when hundreds of them spawn at the same time.

Not fun. I'm just going to stop with this, I don't like that this game is not fun to play!

The Verdict

Not worth it. If you agree with any of the other opinions throughout this site, you won't enjoy this game. There is nothing there to make it fun or make you want to press on. Pass!