Run Roo Run screenshot

In Run Roo Run you are a kangaroo trying to run across Australia to get your girlfriend who was captured. To do so, you must complete a ton of tiny challenges. Roo will automatically run from left to right, it's your job to simply make him jump so he jumps over things. This isn't one of those games that's about randomly generated, infinitely scrolling levels though like Bit.Trip Runner or Nyan Cat. These challenges are no bigger than the width of the screen and each take about 2-5 seconds to complete (on a perfect run).

Each level in the game consists of 15 regular stages and 6 extreme stages. The extreme stages unlock after you beat all the regular stages and are no laughing matter. It will take you hundreds of retries to gold medal the extreme stages.

Each level also adds an additional piece to the equation. They start off easy like a double jump powerup. Then they get a little more difficult with switches and cannons. Then they become about timing with moving platforms and by the end of the game you've got a ton of little actions controlled simply by jumping, but they all work incredibly well together.

The addition of the extreme levels are really what sold me on this game. All the normal levels can be beat by anyone and are great for kids to enjoy, but if you really want to experience this game it's all about the extreme levels and the gold medals. Gold medals require a perfect run of a level and just beating the extreme levels alone is harder than a gold medal on any regular level. They will really push you to the limit.


Run Roo Run screenshot

Easy to learn, hard to master. There is a difference between a simple game that's boring and a game that's easy to learn, but hard to master. The latter, where Run Roo Run falls, allows you to jump in and get going quickly, but before you know it you'll be tweaking things so minor in your attack you never even thought about them at the beginning.

Variety. There are a ton of stages in Run Roo Run and they go by really fast. However, the pacing changes with each different obstacle added and keeps the game feeling fresh. You won't even realize how much time has gone by while you're playing.

Graphics. The game looks great! It nails that cartoon cut-out style I'm ahuge sucker for. Don't be fooled though, it may look welcoming, but the journey to the top won't be easy.

Free content weekly. Every week, a new level pack containing 10 stages is released for free! You gotta love a developer who is willing to give out free content and at as high of a quality as the rest of the game.

Run Roo Run screenshot


The warm up. Like I've mentioned, the main levels in this game are just a warmup to the extreme ones if you want any sort of challenge and they'll go by really quickly. They make a nice introduction/tutorial, but with that being the case, more extreme levels would have made the challenge last longer. The weekly content seems to vary in difficulty from stage to stage.

The Verdict

With the varying difficulty, hard to dislike graphics style and replayability for better scores there's no one that I think would dislike this game. If you want something casual to waste time, play the regular levels and if you want something to brag about, step it up and go for the gold on the extreme levels. Everyone should check out this game!