costume quest secret cave

I had a ton of fun playing Costume Quest. It is a simple RPG, yet delivers all the things an RPG should; a story, turn based battles, leveling up and item collection. What I liked that was different from normal RPG's was the bite sized length of Costume Quest. The main game clocked in about 6 hours and to me that was perfectly fine. The game delivered everything it needed to in a timely fashion and I was left wanting more, but didn't feel like I got shorted at the end. Well, enter Grubbins on Ice to pick up where the main quest left off.

Grubbins on Ice isn't exactly a direct sequel, though it follows the Halloween events of the normal game by taking you to the Christmas season. You are still "trick or treating" however, but they reword the description to better fit the new season. I'm quite fine with that though; the idea of knocking on doors and that being the random battle decider worked really well for me. It allowed you to explore and not have to think about random battles happening all the time while being able to prepare for when you were going to go into battle.

Of course Grubbins on Ice also delivers more costumes for you to wear and some of those are great new additions. I found in the first Costume Quest that you get the best costumes towards the beginning so I didn't really explore usage of most of the later ones. I was glad to see some new ones pop up in this expansion that were worth tossing on right away. It does carry over all the ones you've collected from the first one to use also, so don't worry about losing any of those.

costume quest pirate

Like I said, Grubbins on Ice works pretty much how you would expect if you've played through Costume Quest, the question is just if it's worth it. The biggest downfall of this expansion is how linear it is and the length. The main game was also pretty linear, so I won't completely hold that against this, but it felt like even more of a straight line. The first Costume Quest took you through a few different areas that split up the game and you can basically consider this expansion one more of those areas. It only lasts about 2 hours and personally, I did it in one sitting covering everything it had to offer.

I have to come to a conclusion here and so my recommendation is this, if you haven't played the first Costume Quest, you should absolutely do that (but I can't review it here because it's $15, so consider that a sneak plug), but if you have and you wanted more at the end, Grubbins on Ice will not let you down. If you got to the end of Costume Quest and felt complete and satisfied to never pick it up again, Grubbins on Ice will not change your mind about that. Personally though, I did enjoy my time with this expansion, even though it was quick and I'm looking forward to another one in the oncoming holiday seasons!

Grubbins on Ice was developed by Double Fine and is available on the Xbox Live Arcade for $4.99 (400 MS Points).